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Marathon Registration
  • Rock City Marathon

    {{stgs.r42}} 42Km, Full Marathon 21yrs & above
    {{stgs.r21}} 21Km, Half Marathon 18yrs & above
    {{stgs.r05}} 5Km, Classic Race ( for Corporates)
    {{stgs.r03e}} 3Km, for Runner with Physical Disabilities
    {{stgs.r03}} 3Km, for Elders
    {{stgs.r25}} 2.5Km, for Children 7-10yrs
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    Event Management

    • Hon. Mwijage,at the inauguration of Special Economic Zone at Morogoro.

    Managing an event is a major undertaking which requires a very scientific approach and expertise. As professional event organizers, we bring the benefit of experience and expertise. We have worked with organizations in the medical, trade, financial and pharmaceutical fields as well as a number of government departments. Our role and responsibility is to ensure that the efficient planning and successful operation of all arrangements to the total satisfaction of our clients. We achieve this objective by gaining full understanding of each organization that we work with and by working in close partnership with the organizing committee to deliver a well organized and suc- cessful conference. CPIL handles all logistics of setting up and running a conference

    Some of our services include:

    • Budgeting and financial management
    • Programme planning, design and implementation
    • Accommodation requirements
    • Transport coordination
    • Booking flights
    • Organizing catering arrangements
    • Arranging pre and post conference tours