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Marathon Registration
  • Rock City Marathon

    {{stgs.r42}} 42Km, Full Marathon 21yrs & above
    {{stgs.r21}} 21Km, Half Marathon 18yrs & above
    {{stgs.r05}} 5Km, Classic Race ( for Corporates)
    {{stgs.r03e}} 3Km, for Runner with Physical Disabilities
    {{stgs.r03}} 3Km, for Elders
    {{stgs.r25}} 2.5Km, for Children 7-10yrs
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    Government Relations

    • Government relations

    An organizationís response mechanism during a crisis is often the determinant of its success or failure and effective crisis communications is the key to successful crisis management. CPI assists Clients in developing crisis management communication systems, manuals for effective crisis preparedness. Developing and assisting Clients with real time crisis communication to help them manage communications with the media and other stakeholders.

    One of the few Companies in Tanzania to provide this service, CPI assists Clients in developing key insights into government policy and direction. Over the years, CPI has developed an impressive and unrivalled network of relationships with key government officials and influencers allowing us to help our Clients to engage with government in an effective, efficient manner with insight full and topical information.